Cedaspe Spa

20098 S. Giuliano Milanese (MI) Italy
Via Colombara, 1

tel: +39 02 98204411

fax: +39 02 98204422


Oil immersed porcelain bushing (solid type) with rated voltage from 1 kV up to 52 kV, with rated current from 250 A up to 12500 A, for distribution and power, transformers, according to EN, DIN, UNEL, NF, BS, IEC, ANSI, or special, either according to our drawing either to customer’s drawing, standard creepage distance or long creepage for highly polluted environment.




Europe & CIS - Italy

Type of supply

  • Components - Bushing, tap changers, level and temperature indicators

Types of transformer

  • SDT - Small distribution 10-200 Kva 11-22 Kv
  • DST - Distribution oil 50-4000 Kva <35 Kv
  • LDT - Large Distribution oil 4-60 Mva <35 Kv
  • MPT - Medium Power 110 & 220 Kv
  • LPT - Large Power 500 & 800 Kv

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