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Why advertising on TRAFOWORLD

Featuring detailed product listings, Trafoworld is a online marketplace for professionals in the energy industry looking to buy products for transformers.
It provides you with a platform with dynamic information about products and companies through direct links, articles and news. In addition, Trafoworld lets you request a quote directly to the manufacturer!

Trafoworld combines in-depth industry knowledge of products and new technologies with the power of the Internet to offer to the buyers a dynamic, relevant and innovative media-based marketplace for product information. 

Why should you advertise on Trafoworld?

  • Because it's a source of information and contacts for professionals working in the field of transmission and distribution transformers, created by a leading manufacturer of transformer equipment, with great expertize in the transfomer process optimization;
  • Because it's an additional marketing tool for the suppliers of transformer equipment, services and materials;
  • Because it's a permanent virtual exhibition, connecting manufacturers and customers around the world;
  • Because it's a dynamic web-site, wit updates and news from the transformer field;

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Basic: 200 Eu/year
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