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Airmadi Painting Srl boasts more than 10 years of experience in the surface treatment and developed a solid know how in design, engineering, construction and assemblying complete lines of the industrial surface treatment and coating. We achieved very important results especially in the surface treatment of transmission trasformers and distribution transformers. Airmadi Painting Srl can offer complete solutions in the surface treatment and it is capable to satisfy any client's request essential to his company production cycle. Particular attention is given to the continous research in energy saving and in recycling of raw materials. We dedicate a considerable amount of our energy in the field of environmental protection, especially in the development of better resistant anti-corrosive protection. Airmadi Painting Srl suppleys a turnkey project, guarantees a careful after-sale service and also ensures the programmed maintenance service as well as a prompt and a reliable technical support service.


Process Area: Tank

Lines of surface treatment and coating


APL - Automatic Painting Line for Distribution Transformers


DO - Drying Oven for Tranformers


MPL - Manual Painting Line for Distribution Transformers


Type of transformer

Distribution OIL
Distribution DRY
Power Transmission

Type of supply


Process Area


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