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DIELECTRIC Oil Treatment

WHAT is treating live transformers for?
To treat a live transformer means to carry out the operations of filtration, dehydration and absorption of dissolved gases on the fluid that is contained in the transformer while the transformer is under current and operating.
Process and operation: treatment of transformer’s core
Once dielectric oil has been dehydrated, ARRAS MAXEI treatment process for live transformers enables to treat the core of the windings through the regular migration of water molecules from the active parts of the transformer into the oil. Derived from our standard plants, ARRAS MAXEI treatment plants for live transformers are fitted with:
- devices meant for protecting the transformer against any untimely gas emission,
- pipes forming a by-pass and insulating the transformer, thus enabling the plant to        
operate in a closed circuit,
- every necessary control and safety devices.
Then, the transformer is totally available during the treatment operations that are however necessary for its good operation, and the risks linked to its operation are thus efficiently mastered.


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