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The impregnation with varnishes or with resins enables to protect the insulation of the motor or other pieces against the outside aggressions. These can be of mechanical type (vibration, centrifugal strength), thermal type, chemical type corrosive vapour) or electrical type (circuit breaking).

In order to answer to all these constraints, the impregnating part must have properties of penetration,
of mechanical resistance to withstand the electrodynamics power, of softness, of resistance to the
outdating process, to the heat, to the chemical aggressions, but also to have a good thermal
conductivity and a resistance to the leakage currents.
Whether impregnation process you need (atmospheric, vacuum or vacuum & pressure), ARRAS MAXEI offers you a standard range and a broad selection of specific solutions to meet your expectations.
ARRAS MAXEI can also offer you this know-how for the treatment of your dielectric fluids, control of
oil treatment plants or other product storage stations.

ARRAS MAXEI offers as standard 2 types of impregnation process : the vacuum impregnation process (VM) and the vacuum & pressure impregnation process (VMP). Both processes are available in 2 standard models:
● The VM/VMP model is built with its tank under the autoclave and saves space when fitted in a pit,
● The VM/VMP-RVS is built with its tank beside the autoclave.


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