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LTC 100-LP

The slitting line is made up of machines whose co-ordination is managed by modern and reliable electronic controls and software.

Manufacturing accuracy, high performance and reliability of the line ensures width accuracy, low burr and high productivity.

The line can handle the functions necessary for the processing of the laminations, namely:

  • Unwinding the coils with loop control;
  • Slitting the strips with loop control;

Motorized recoiling the slit strips with felt tension unit.


  1. Motorized decoiler
  2. Coil loading system
  3. Introduction table with loop control
  4. Slitting machine with fixed head
  5. Edge scrap rewinder
  6. Cover tables with synchronizing speed
  7. Tension unit felt with deburring rolls
  8. Motorized recoiler
  9. Coil unloading system
  10. Pneumatic and hydraulic equipment
  11. Power cabinet, command console with HMI


1) Set of knives and recommended tooling


Total weight of the line         approx..                     20000 kg

Number of cuts                     Included/max           10/20

Working speed                      max                           120 m/min


Lamination thickness           min/max                   (0,18) 0,23 / 0,50 mm

Slit width                              min/max                   40/1020 mm

Decoiler/recoiler capacity    max                           5000 kg

Outer diameter                     max                           1300 mm


Type of transformer

Distribution OIL
Distribution DRY

Type of supply


Process Area




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