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New and fully customizable software for electrical + mechanical design of electromagnetic elements.

We are a group of specialists in the development of electromagnetic components. We have worked alongside leading European companies operating in this field as designers, software developers and research and development professionals for many years. This vast experience has enabled us not only to improve our skills, but - above all - to understand the real needs of designers.
This is what CLEVER-TRANSFO, CLEVER-MT and CLEVER-INDUCTOR were created for: wholly innovative applications for the design of transformers, reactors and inductors. The team is made up of professionals who also have additional skills: this has contributed to the realization of applications that take full care of all sides of the design process.
Our skills are not limited to software design: upon request, we are able to provide technical advice geared towards the betterment of design standards, the study of special components, and the improvement of process organization.


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