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For more than 75 years HÜBERS has been developing, designing and manufacturing casting systems for electromechanical products such as transformers, insulators and bushings of any size. The scope of HÜBERS’ technologies comprises all casting process steps such as material compounding and preparation, mixing and metering, casting, molding and curing. The scope of system sizes ranges from laboratory-scale to fully automatic systems for high volume production with programmable logic controls and online quality assurance. HÜBERS is committed to continuous development, full customer service and a high share of in-house manufacturing in Germany to stay well ahead of their competitors. In the close cooperation with system users and casting material suppliers, HÜBERS creates tailor-made processes and systems for any set of requirements in the customers' production. About 60 new systems delivered per year, 5 to 10 of which are specifically for the production of cast resin transformers. As per today we have delivered more than 2,700 machines and systems delivered to 60 countries all over the world.


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Equipment for the highly efficient Production of top-quality Cast Resin Transformers


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