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LEAS was born in 1973 and in a short period has spread out in the national and international market as leader in the design and realization of "turnkey plants" with high technical and technological content for the industrial welding and automation. Power points of the Company are lines for : produciton of heating plates, tubular and design radiators, boilers, expansion tanks, compressors and condensers for refrigerator, stainless stell sinks, panel radiator for transformes and kitchen owens. Flexibility, experiance, professionality and qualification are very important too and these allow LEAS to offer to its customers a 360° service assuring them an excellent support in the analysis and planning in the minimal details of their requests. LEAS invests conretely and constantly into research and technology and realizes custom-made solutions optimazing plants for industrial automation developing and personalizing the ideas according too the specific customers' requests. Since 1989 LEAS has an own structure of design and realization of components for welding such as transformers and controls to satify the necessity of having highly reliable products suited for the welding plants. In this way LEAS assures the highest reliability also into more demanding work condition.


Process Area: Tank

Assembly system for transformers radiators


Steel tubular radiator welding plant


Welding automatic line for the production of kitchen ovens


Welding automatic systems for boiler and expansion tank production


Welding line for heating plate production


Welding of radiators for transformers


Welding plant of bowls on stainless steel drainers


Welding plants for production of transformer radiators


Welding plants of compressors for refrigerators


Type of transformer

Distribution OIL

Type of supply


Process Area


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