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TLM Transformer Life Management Conference in Willingen - Germany

18 September 2017 - 19 September 2017

Transformer Life Management (TLM) Conference was first held ten years ago, following the idea to create a comprehensive platform where all industry stakeholders – transformer manufacturers, customers and service companies – could participate and have the opportunity to introduce their products and services. The idea was to have all people dealing with transformers and doing business in the transformers industry gathered together in one place. It started as a German conference, which was organized by ENERGY Support, ABB and the Schering-Institute for High Voltage Engineering of the Leibniz University of Hannover. It all started with these three partners wishing to contribute to the same goal and encourage advancement of the industry by having all people from the transformer world converge at one conference.

In time, as TLM Conference bore great success in the German market, it was recognized that there was the same demand in the international market to have a conference which would focus on the transformers industry only. Three years after the first international TLM Conference was organized in Dubai, followed by Guangzhou in China. 

TLM Conference is a neutral platform for all stakeholders in the transformers industry, from manufacturers of transformers, transformer instruments and transformer materials, to their industrial partners and end customers, such as utilities, power plants and entire municipalities, which is why it is so successful. They can all meet in one place and discuss what can be done to extend the lifetime of the transformers, from all these various, but equally important perspectives. The participants can thus access all technical information and get a rounded picture of the complete management cycle, as well as the maintenance issues involved. So, the conference is streamlined to focus on the transformers world, but within it, it offers a great mixture of topics and participants, which many see as one of the greatest benefits of participating.

TLM Conference is supported by ABB, the Schering-Institute of the Hannover University and ENERGY Support

LAE & Trafogrid Alliance are participating as exhibitors to the Transformer-Life-Management (TLM) Conference. This leading event which has been for over 10 years an exchange platform for experts, engineers, manufacturers and exhibitors operating in the  transformers field, will focus this year on dry type transformers, special diagnostic methods and trend. 


Source: Transformers Magazine