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Over 1,000,000 IFD Sensors now installed worldwide

1 June 2017

IFD Corporation, a global supplier of internal arc fault detectors for poletop and padmounted distribution transformers, today announced that its customers have installed more than 1,000,000 IFD sensors since the company was founded in 1998.  

“This is a significant threshold for the industry, and we are proud that so many utilities and their linemen are now troubleshooting distribution transformers much more safely and quickly than they could before,” said Paul Chisholm, President and founder of IFD Corporation. “Our values of industry leadership and excellence in execution have contributed significantly to our customers’ success. Our team is committed to increasing linemen safety and minimizing outage times in all electric utility distribution systems.”

Developed in partnership with electric utilities and transformer manufacturers, IFD Corporation designed an intelligent safety device that enables a faster, simpler, and safer troubleshooting method following a transformer fuse operation.  An IFD-equipped transformer enables line crews to immediately identify the occurrence of a low impedance arcing fault inside the transformer, thereby avoiding significant events or injury when re-energizing the transformer, where traditionally they have had to accept that risk as part of the job. 

By sensing the sudden pressure wave created by low impedance internal arcing faults in the transformer, the IFD sensor activates a highly visible indicator on the outside of the tank. This alerts line crews to replace the transformer immediately, and not attempt to re-energize it.  This avoids the potentially hazardous action of re-energizing a faulted transformer, while significantly speeding up the outage restoration process.  Due to these improvements in the troubleshooting process, utilities have reported an ROI of more that 12:1 after specifying the IFD in their distribution transformers.

Today, more than one million IFD sensors are installed in poletop and padmounted distribution transformers throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and Asia.  Over 500 utilities have added the IFD sensor to their distribution transformer specifications, supported by over 50 transformer manufacturers worldwide.  

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